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Safe to Use

You do not divulge any of your sensitive information to us when using ZoneSwitch. We have no access to your exchange, API or trading platforms - your funds are always under your control.
You backtest your own strategy before commencing, no blind trust required. Make decisions based on data.

Multiple Take Profit Levels

With the Alertatron Version of ZoneSwitch, you can set up to four different take profit levels for both the long and short sides. You decide what percentage of your position to close at each level.

Detailed Manuals

Step by step, detailed manuals with extensive screenshots and descriptions of the steps required to get you quickly up and running with ZoneSwitch. Accessed via Discord after subscription.


ZoneSwitch is an entirely passive strategy. The indicator is monitoring the market 24/7 and the entire process of trade execution, take profit levels, stop loss orders and even portfolio management is all fully automated.

Portfolio Management

An advanced feature, unique to ZoneSwitch with Alertatron. You are able to define within the strategy the ability to "book" profits, protecting them from future potential loss. Giving you an objective method to take profit from the overall strategy. Fully automated from within the ZoneSwitch.

Comprehensive Support

Speak with real people! The ZoneTraders team are all actively using the ZoneSwitch, and are happy to assist you with getting started. We have a supportive Discord community, ready to help and guide as required!

ZoneSwitch - The Details

Are you tired of always being on the losing side of market price movements?
Feeling overwhelmed by the volatility of crypto trading?
Had experience with automated bots previously but been left underwhelmed?

The answer is here - the ZoneSwitch.

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Powerful Integrations

ZoneSwitch interacts with your exchange via a trading platform which receives the alerts then automates the trades on your behalf. ZoneSwitch is available in two different versions which are tailored to the specific requirements of each platform.

The two versions of ZoneSwitch are similar in many respects, most importantly the signal generation of long and short alerts are identical. However, there are some important additional features only available in the Alertatron Version.

When you subscribe you will automatically receive access to both versions.

The ZoneSwitch alert is easy to set and controls your long and short 3Commas bots. No JSON coding required! You simply enter your bot ID's and Email Token into the ZoneSwitch Indicator, set one TradingView alert, and you're good to go!

Due to the power of Alertatron signalling, this version allows for multiple take profits and variable position sizing using the portfolio management feature. One simple alert controls everything; you only require your API name and webhook, then you're ready to start!

The ZoneTraders Team

The ZoneSwitch has been developed, extensively tested and actively being used by a team of experienced crypto traders. Each of the team members have a deep understanding of the ZoneSwitch and the trading tools it interacts with; 3Commas and Alertatron. When you sign up, any of the team will be able to assist with questions or help getting started!


LiYoung is the master coder of ZoneSwitch and is expert in all technical aspects of the strategy. He has extensive crypto trading experience.


ToneZone has many years of experience in active and passive trading on the crypto markets and has a thorough knowledge of ZoneSwitch.


CharlieBlue is an experienced crypto trader and has been closely involved with the development and extensive backtesting of ZoneSwitch.

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