ZoneSwitch - Getting Started

Get started with ZoneSwitch to begin enjoying the benefits of fully automated cryptocurrency trading!

To successfully run ZoneSwitch, you will require the following additional services. Please carefully review this list and ensure you have these sorted before commencing with ZoneSwitch to maximise your subscription period! ZoneTraders is not affiliated with these other services and receives no payment or incentive from them.

Active Exchange Account

The cryptocurrency exchange is where you will hold your funds and where the actual trades will be executed. ZoneTraders never has any custody of your funds!

The choice of exchange is up to you. To allow integration with both Alertatron or 3Commas, we would recommend using either Binance, FTX or Bybit. If you are a new user, there may be slight delays in registering on these exchanges due to KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements - so get this process started early.

PLEASE NOTE: United States customers - The utility of ZoneSwitch will be significantly reduced without access to futures trading. Please consider this before proceeding.


TradingView is an industry standard charting platform, used for many different financial instruments. It is the most widely used platform for cryptocurrency price charts. The ZoneSwitch is built to run entirely on the Trading View platform.

You will require a minimum of a "Pro" subscription to TradingView to run ZoneSwitch. Please refer to the Trading View website for further details; they generally offer free 30 day trial periods to get you started.

Alertatron or 3Commas

Alertatron and 3Commas are automated trading platforms which function like a conduit between ZoneSwitch and your trading exchange. ZoneSwitch sends the signals to Alertatron or 3Commas which then interacts directly with your exchange, instructing it to perform the necessary trades.

ZoneSwitch is tailored to run on either platform, so the choice is yours. The Alertatron version offers some additional functionality over 3Commas due to its features, however the user interface on 3Commas is easier to follow. Your subscription to ZoneSwitch includes access to both versions. Ensure your trading platform is connected to your exchange via API keys - our instruction manual includes assistance on how to achieve this with Alertatron.

Check their websites for further details; if using Alertatron the "Starter" plan is adequate, and 3Commas will require the "Advanced" plan.


Discord is a social media platform and is used by many in the crypto community. ZoneTraders have a server on Discord where you will be able to interact with other ZoneSwitch users and to contact the Admins to receive support if required. We have detailed instruction manuals to help getting you started with ZoneSwitch which are available for download from our server.

Discord is free to join and use. It is not mandatory for the ZoneSwitch, and if you prefer not to use this, that's up to you!

ZoneSwitch - Payment

No commitments. No credit cards required. Pay with crypto.

Simply choose your subscription duration and pay online through our secure checkout facility with Coinbase Commerce.

Please allow 24 hours for access to be granted after payment is received, adding access is a manual process.


For a limited time, take 50% off the pricing listed below, valid for ALL subscription durations. The correct price will be applied at Checkout.

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1 month

Standard price

ZoneSwitch access
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3 months

10% dicsount

ZoneSwitch access
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6 months

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ZoneSwitch access
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ZoneSwitch access
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NOTE: When finalising your payment, please ensure you cover any transfer fees so the correct amount is received by ZoneTraders. The exchange/wallet you are paying from should indicate any transfer fees, and this should be added to your payment.

After your payment is processed, please visit THIS LINK to complete your Trading View and Discord details.

Have questions or issues signing up? Please email us at

Before purchasing a subscription, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

By purchasing a ZoneSwitch subscription, you are acknowledging and agree to the following:

1. ZoneTraders are not financial, legal or tax advisors.  All information, resources and tools provided are for your education only.  Please consult with your own financial advisor before making any investment decisions.
2. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset.  You can potentially lose all your money when investing in any cryptocurrency.  You should only ever invest what you can afford to loose.
3. ZoneTraders offer no guarantee or warranty with the use of the ZoneSwitch.  This includes no guarantee of performance or profitable results.  Any losses incurred, whether due to market conditions or the specific functioning of the ZoneSwitch, are your own responsibility.  
4. ZoneTraders do not offer refunds of subscription fees.  All subscription purchases are considered final.
5. ZoneSwitch subscription is for personal use only.  The signals generated by the ZoneSwitch Indicator are not to be shared with other persons or groups.  Such activity is prohibited by these Terms of Service and would result in immediate suspension of access and forfeiture of any outstanding subscription period.

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